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Migration SE Pro

The next generation height-adjustable desking platform with improved performance, robust stability and a design that is visually lighter and invites customization.

The new motor enables a smooth, seamless and remarkably silent transition between postures. The controller can also store four different posture settings, ensuring ease of adjustments.

Re-engineered for enhanced safety and stability, the anti-collision sensor detects any change in angle from any point on the work surface to rebound on contact with objects below the desk.

The refined understructure is visually lighter, yet has improved structural integrity due to new connection points, that make Migration SE Pro more sturdy than ever – suitable for heavy daily use and multiple reconfigurations.

Creative expression injects inspiration and energy into the workplace. Choose round legs for a softer look or rectangular legs to define stronger lines. An extended selection of work surfaces and a fresh palette of colours also help Migration SE Pro to harmonise with soft settings in your team neighbourhoods, creating a welcoming work environment.


Steelcase Flex creates dynamic team neighbourhoods 

that are designed for spontaneity.

It empowers teams to reconfigure their space on demand, making it easy to shift from a brainstorm to a workshop,

or from a daily stand-up to a sprint review.

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