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The collaborative classroom demands efficiency. Cascade™ classroom storage systems with transferable totes provide countless configurations and options in mobile storage units and teacher desks.

Smith System Cascade totes are a flexible tool that teachers can use to stay organized in the classroom and can either be kept in a Cascade storage unit, or under the desktop of a desk outfitted with tote tray housing rails. The SW and EW tote tray systems can easily be installed underneath Smith System desks, such as the Planner Student Desk and the Silhouette Student Desk. Manufactured with clear ABS plastic, our storage totes allow for a quick visual inspection of materials. 


A scalable way to manage classroom materials, Cascade™ Storage System mobile unites are available in 9 unique sizes, with totes or shelves in 18 colors. Our storage units can be modified to fit the needs of your classroom and are available in three different sizes: Mini, Mid and Mega. Cascade storage units can be outfitted with customizable options like doors, casters, shelves and totes. Additionally, you can opt for a whiteboard back panel. Whether used for holding student backpacks or for learning materials, Cascade Storage Cubbies, Towers, and Cabinets are flexible to meet a variety of storage needs.

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